6 more titles drop in with Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos "April proved to be a fantastic month for backwards compatible arrivals, with some of the most requested Xbox 360 games finally being made playable on Xbox One, all through the power of emulation. A new month means more titles and this week sees the first of May's BC titles bringing a double whammy for one popular series amongst the masses this week. Are they worth taking a look at?"

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neil363624d ago

Ah how I love Geo Wars. This reminds me to go play it!

Notellin624d ago

Loved these games! It's nice having these just added to my Xbox one library over time. Always have something to do even during game launch droughts.

4Sh0w624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Daayum, they are killing it with X1 BC support. Now just show me some nice exclusives at E3 and I'll have no complaints.


I,bought some side scrolling Ninja game back in the day on XBL on 360 but I can't remember the name of it. It was fun as Hell! It was cell shaded and pretty violent. I wish they would bring that to BC. Anyone remember the name of that game?

Auron624d ago

Was it N+ or mark of the ninja?

DaFeelz624d ago

Two good guesses. I'm leaning towards Mark of the Ninja. N+ was only a single room you had to solve and MotN was a true side scroller. Both were violent as shit though.

DaFeelz624d ago

*sigh* Dragons Dogma... where for art thou?