Two Worlds: The Five Schools of Magic

TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump Studios has released info on the five schools of magic found in Two Worlds, the upcoming multiplayer RPG. Two Worlds online multiplayer action allows up to 8 people to adventure together online via Xbox Live. Gather with your friends and battle cooperatively, exchange equipment, or simply attack them and see who's left standing.

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Aflac5218d ago

multiplayer wizard combat-hell ya!

Silver Bull3t5218d ago

...when i see more (any) screenshots and gameplay footage for the 360. Even on the 2-worlds website I see no love for the 360, not even a single mention of the 360 version. Let's go Reality Pump, get on the ball!

Optimus Prime5218d ago

this game shall be lots of fun. this is one rpg that caught my attention as soon as it was announced.

Optimus Prime5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

double post. srry

willud4skins5218d ago

this game looks like the poor mans oblivion until you get to the online part where you can play with your friends. that alone has sold me on the game.

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