PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PS4 & Xbox One Ports in the Works

The massively popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has shot straight up to the top on Steam, and probably has most of your friends list playing the game.

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Liqu1d2343d ago

Wasn't the same thing said about DayZ?

brich2332343d ago

This game is made in unreal engine so porting it over will be easy for the developers.

UltraNova2343d ago

They would be crazy not to release it on consoles. Great news, I cant wait to play this!

ONESHOTV22343d ago

UltraNova---- yeah it's not like the game won't sell millions on PC alone

Yohshida2343d ago

The game is already running on Xbox One right now according to the devs. DayZ on the other hand is barely running on PC. DayZ is probably the worst example of an early access game.

Anyways, everyone should try this game out, its AMAZING!

ravinash2343d ago

I've played a few rounds, I like it!

JamesBondage2343d ago

"DayZ is probably the worst example of an early access game."

you clearly never bought and played The War Z lol

Yohshida2342d ago

Actually in War Z the Zombies were at least only half as bugged

2343d ago
PlayableGamez-2343d ago

But I thought multiplayer games as a service were failures?


I watch this game on Twitch every night and it looks so fun. This is great news! My Computer could easily run this game but I just don't like to game on PC as much anymore. Can't wait to try it out.

ONESHOTV22343d ago

BLKxSEPTEMBER--- yeah let me see the specs and pictures of that rig ou are talking about


And exactly who are you for me to need to prove myself to?

ONESHOTV22343d ago

BLKxSEPTEMBER--- well I'm no one to you but you are putting out claims that need proof so provide those proof

JamesBondage2343d ago

i dont understand why you wouldnt want to play on pc...

ONESHOTV22342d ago

James--- it's because he is one of those guys that claims they have a PC to game on but it's nothing but lies.

Surt2343d ago

When people say it will sell millions on PC. LOL

audiocafe2343d ago

It's sold 2 million on PC so far and I think it only came to early access in late March. So it technically already has sold "millions" on PC.


Lennoxb632342d ago

Sold 2 million, sure. But the devs haven't made much profit yet if at all. This is common with all PC devs. It's why they run to console.

Vegamyster2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


Why wouldn't they have made any profit? That's a pretty baseless argument. The reason devs go to consoles from PC is just more money in general, they're not bound by a company like Sony/MS/Nintendo to make exclusive content for their systems so from a business perspective it only makes sense to port to as many platforms as possible, it has nothing to do with not making money on PC.

Allsystemgamer2342d ago

It's already sold 2 million....are you stupid?

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Krafton profits up to $171.5 million despite lowest quarter since 2020

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The company reported that it saw revenues of $328.5 million and net profits of $171.5 million, the latter marking a year-on-year improvement of 27%.

Krafton also announced it plans to acquire Neon Giant, the developer behind The Ascent, and open a new studio in Canada."

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PUBG is too violent and must be banned, says Taliban

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deleted379d ago

Taliban is too violent and must be banned, says PUBG.

blacktiger378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

incase you didn't know Taliban is a place not Al qaeda or however you spell them. Just saying

z2g379d ago

the irony....