New Star Citizen Video Shows Mark Hamill in Squadron 42 Single Player Campaign

Star Citizen celebrates Star Wars day by giving a glimpse of Mark Hamill acting for the Squadron 42 single player campaign.

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chris235893d ago

star citizen.. will this game ever come out or is it just vaporware with a lot of backers?

PrinceOfAnger893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Will you say the same thing when it's actually come out?

Eonjay893d ago

Who will actually live that long?

Fishy Fingers893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

I expect it'll be in perpetual beta/development indefinitely (as you could consider other MMO type games).

But it is out available and playable now, so not exactly vapourware.

PrinceOfAnger893d ago

People waited 10 years for the last guardian no one said it was a vaporware/scam ..

Eonjay892d ago

Umm, yeah they did. IGN even famously announced it was 'officially' cancelled. So you are purposely making shit up. Impressive.

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Lamboomington893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

It's a very ambitious game that will take a very long time to make. CIG are making two games actually :-
1. Star Citizen, the online MMO which is so insanely ambitious it's not funny
2. Squadron 42, the AAA single player campaign (which is what this post is about). This is also pretty ambitious in it's own right.

The concern with Star Citizen is just that it's taking a LOT of money and time to make. Their funding model is already one which does not leave a good taste in the mouth, but it is simply what they have to do, and they must continue this atleast until they release SQ42.

SQ42 will definitely come out, most likely in 2018. As for Star Citizen, a major update is coming with 3.0 patch later this year. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, and if they can keep it up, or whether it will fail because of over-ambition and feature creep.

As for Star-Citizen 'coming out'. That's not a good standard to apply here. It's going to be in Alpha and then Beta for a very long time, and many of the Star Systems will only come much later after launch.

joab777893d ago

It's definitely not. At this point if they give up, someone will swoop in, invest a bit and get it out the door, and take in millions.

On one hand it seems an odd development because we are seeing all the issues and have known about it since its conception. On the other hand, tech continues to evolve exponentially and the vision for what can be done also evolves. There is no one to say, "alright now, it's time to bring it all together. We don't have to stop building, but we must create something that can be shipped as a complete product."

Like mmo's, they can keep adding dlc etc. But they need to release the base game eventually.

Allsystemgamer893d ago

It's been 5 many modern games with twice the dev size have taken around that time.

_-EDMIX-_892d ago

Many MMOs?

"games" is not 1 thing. That differs per game.

MMOs don't just have speedy developments. ESPECIALLY an MMO of this magnitude, this includes many concepts never even done in MMOs before.

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Eonjay893d ago

I don't get the end game here

R6ex893d ago

Still waiting for Squadron 42 .....

Nodoze893d ago

I am hopeful this does not all turn out to be a huge scam. It looks good, and I want to play it. RELEASE IT.

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