Jolt: LotRO: The Mines of Moria Impressions

Jeffrey Steefel, Turbine's executive producer for Lord of the Rings Online, is very excited about the upcoming expansion The Mines of Moria, and with good cause.

A revamp to the LOTRO engine means that the graphics for this vast and diverse underground city are stunning all the way up to the distant roof, with every architectural detail highlighted.

But Mines of Moria is not just about the underground city and its denizens. The expansion includes three areas in total: Eregion, Moria itself and the elvish realm of Galadriel, Lothlorien, complete with the Lady's garden and the lofty tree city. The fellowship has already progressed through Moria to Lothlorien by the time players arrive, since the game's storyline advances with the books.

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