Beloved Smite and Brawl Player Allied Passes Away After Year-Long Battle with Cancer

Long time Smash and Smite community member David 'Allied' Hance has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

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il-JumperMT804d ago

Fuck Cancer and people who are withholding the cure so they can make money from Chemotherapy

georeo804d ago

Cancer is no joke. My girlfriend past to brain cancer at 25 years old:( wouldn't wish that on any one.

Allsystemgamer804d ago

Damn. That's harsh. My grandfather passed from Stomach cancer when he was 59. I was in the room. It was a terrible shame as he and my fathers relationship was always rocky but he last 5 years of his life they began to rebuild only to have that relationship snubbed. My grandfather didn't even tell us he had cancer until 6 months before he died.