LittleBigBeta issues - what to do with them

Media Molecule writes:

"So, the whole point of the beta is to find out what happens when lot's of people play, create and share together online! If you happen across something that you don't think is quite right then please post it up to here please"

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chaosatom3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Everyone Please Contribute.

Talk about the jumping between space. I have to stand still and then take a leap backwards to get on something.

Also, I need a ZOOM in button.


lodossrage3700d ago

If you guys see something wrong, please do say so.

Look at how much the Socom beta improved once people voiced their opinions.

THIS is what Beta is all about

Milky3699d ago

There should be a star rating or top 10/100 for levels so I actually know if a level on-line is any good or not. The 'hearted' is just too vague.

Frulond3700d ago

if there is an object on the back and you are trying to jump straight ahead you get pulled to the one on the back... I prefer having to push the stick up then jump than these automatic jumps

other than that the beta its amazing, and I love how fast user generated content is load it, just like if it was on your system

ad4mb3700d ago

the only problem i have is the lag

Fishy Fingers3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I agree, but that is a "simple" fix.

EDIT: disagrees? LOL

SH3MRON3700d ago

For me its that I got stuck on some of the tutorials and had to start them till the AI knew it was finished...

GiantEnemyLobster3700d ago

FailStation 3 and its buggy games, come on Sony, learn to make a game that actually works!!

Fishy Fingers3700d ago

They're trying, thats the point of betas you idiot.

chaosatom3700d ago

his name is GiantEnemyLobster.

hmmmm, I wonder who that could be.

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