Amazon AAA Games Sale For PS4 & Xbox One: Up To 83% Off

If AAA games are what you are looking for, Amazon has sales on them right now. Amazon has several AAA games on sale for up to 83% off of its MSRP price now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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2pacalypsenow1503d ago

Might pick up Halo wars for $37

babadivad1503d ago

I can't get enough of this game. It's so fun.

badboyz091503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Don't know music or games.

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LAWSON721503d ago

Deus Ex has got to be the fastest I have seen a game hit $10

Chaosdreams1503d ago

And what makes it worse is, the speed in which the game has fallen in terms of price makes me even less inclined to play the game. It tells me that they have zero confidence in what they developed, and that makes me skeptical on it even being worth the low price.

I love discounts, but I think the sweet spot is around $25-45.

optimus1503d ago

That makes no sense seeing as how this is an Amazon promotion. It has nothing to do with the developers or publishers of the game. I'm pretty sure the game is still at regular price everywhere else unless some retailers want to compete with the amazon sale....

I buy most of my games used or off of sales like this and 9 times out of 10 the quality of the game is not hurt by the discounted price.... Take metal gear the phantom pain for instance. You could find it for around $30 or less these days and it received a lot of 9's and 10's so I shouldn't pick it up because it dropped down in price?? No sense at all.

Bolts1503d ago

So this is too cheap for you? Feel free to pay retail elsewhere then.

Chaosdreams1503d ago


Do not confuse my opinion with what you should do. I talked about how I, personally, become skeptical. While I confused in this case the promotion with the cost of the game itself, I have seen the game go on multiple sales. So, I, personally, take a step back (because it's not a game that compelled me in the first place to get it at full retail value). If it was something I was interested in and was waiting for a price drop on, sure - awesome.

So when I mentioned the sweet spot, I was referring to the balance between a good sale versus my perception of a games worth (towards games I'm on the fence towards). If it's selling for peanuts, is that because it sold so much that they are giving it away? Or is it an attempt to gain revenue no matter what - because the game is lacking? If the game itself has 9's and 10's across the board, then this perception of mine is replaced by the notion that I just am not interested.

But this doesn't apply to this topic since - again - I confused a promotion with the developers themselves lowering the game's overall cost.


If a game is selling at an incredibly low price. Yes, that is cheap. Nor is their logic in me paying more for a product when I can get it for less someplace else (So - i'll pay for retail where it makes sense). I never stated I wouldn't purchase the game. I stated I'd be skeptical do to its incredibly low price, in comparison to everything else on the market.

FunkMacNasty1503d ago

Trust me, Deus Ex Manikinded Divided wasn't as amazing as its predecessor, Human Revolution, but for $10 bucks it's absolutely a steal. Definitely a quality game, with much improved gameplay and control layout for consoles, and the story was great. If you are a Deus Ex fan, don't pass it up

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j_shorty21503d ago

Is actually give that dishonorable mention to Mirror's Edge Catalyst

LAWSON721502d ago

Ah I forgot about that one. I think Deus Ex is winning but it was a close race

1503d ago
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