#95 Switch Sales on the Rise and Microsoft's Fight For Relevance

Poli Games Podcast gets a reboot! This week the gang tackles the hard
questions like, is the 2ds even worth making? What will the Scorpio have to
do to get you on board? Call of Duty gives us more details. Polygon and
reaching for an issue.

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PhoenixUp2579d ago

Fight for relevance? Do you not see how various games are still coming out on Xbox One? If anything is irrelevant it's Wii U and Ouya

Gaming_Cousin2579d ago

Just look at all the Xbox One exclusives coming out... I mean its crazy. Never have I seen so many exclusives in my life. There has never been a better time to buy a console in the history of gaming than today with all the Xbox One exclusives.

PhoenixUp2579d ago

You act as if exclusives are the only thing people play 😑

343_Guilty_Spark2578d ago

It's actually 99% of what people play. The crazy Sony fans here would tell you exclusives are the top sellers or most played games every month. They are lying though l.

_-EDMIX-_2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Its not, but when buying a system or really anything, you won't be looking at what everyone also has, you'll be looking at what that company, product, service etc does differently.

I mean...when looking at cable or satellite or streaming packages, I don't think you'll just look at what all major ones have, you'll want to know what each one has exclusively to make your choice.

If I told you, you had to pick from Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, you telling me you'd start listing what all 3 have?

No, you'll list what each one has that the other doesn't to better make up your mind.

Its what MS doesn't have that is making PS4 win.

I'm sure Battlefront, Fallout, Destiny, Witcher 3 etc are all great games, I own many of them too, but I'm not buying a PS4 SOLELY to play those games, of course I know I need one of the 3 to play all those games, but I also want to know what of those 3 is offering something different.

I mean...look at it from this stand point.

Would your rather have Witcher 3, Battlefield, Watchdogs, Fallout, GTA, Elder Scrolls, Destiny and the rest multi-platform
Witcher 3, Battlefield, Watchdogs, Fallout, GTA, Elder Scrolls, Destiny AND Uncharted, The Last Of Us 2, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne Yakuza series, Dragon Quest, etc.

If you own a PC, you have no reason to even factor a XONE, only the PS4 makes sense in that respect.

Even if I tell you, I put 200 hours in Fallout 4, 170 hours in Witcher 3, 300 hours in BF4 etc, that doesn't really mean get the option that GIVES ME LESSOR! How am I getting my money's worth with LESS GAMES?

I can still play all that while still having the option to play God Of War, Spider Man, Detroit, Sucker Punch new IP etc.

Why fight for less?

Why spend money to invest in something that isn't even getting exclusives at all?

@343- They don't need to be the top sellers bud.

But clearly with PS4 beating XONE, something that is on PS4 that isn't on XONE is causing that shift.

Yes, lots will buy consoles for GTA, Final Fantasy, Call Of Duty etc, but why go with the system that has zero exclusives?

People indeed do buy consoles in general for 3rd party games, but they side with a console for its EXCLUSIVE games. Its the THING that is making them say PS4 over XONE.

Like I said.

If you own a gaming PC and want a console, your choice is extremely easy.

Its everything plus exclusives and Japanese support


No Japanese support, no exclusives.

PS4 is getting all and then some. You can like COD and GTA, I agree...they are great series.....

but why ONLY have the ability to have COD and GTA and not REAL exclusives and Japanese support?

You getting less isn't helping make COD or GTA better bud. Once I'm done with those games, I can play Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Bloodborne etc. It is the better deal for me.

So if I already own a PC, what reasons to I have to own a XONE? LOL! I don't even buy the MS games that are coming on PC now, even if I did, it would still further prove my point that XONE is becoming less and less relevant to gamers that own a PC.

I'd rather have a PC and PS4 and get all, vs a XONE and get some.

PhoenixUp2578d ago

@ Edmi

When you are buying a console all you'll care about is what games are available on that platform. Nuff said.

I'm not even comparing XO to PS4 here. I'm saying consumers can still find a wide array of available and upcoming things titles on Xbox One, so it's far from being an irrelevant console.

When you look at consoles like the Pippin, 3DO, & Jaguar you'll see how the scarce content on them made them completely irrelevant. Xbox One is in no way comparable to them.

I'm not talking about your preferences, I'm talking about the average consumer. I myself prefer the PS4, but if I had an XO by chance I can sure find a lot of quality titles on the platform to keep my interest.

ninsigma2578d ago

Everyone knows multiplats sell more. The point about exclusives is that they are a big part in the decision a person makes when deciding which console to buy. If console A gets all the 3rd parties console B gets but console A has more games that are exclusive to it and higher rated, then console A would be the best choice because you're getting MORE games that are well received that aren't available anywhere else AS WELL as the huge 3rd parties.

uth112577d ago

No, but someone buying a second system isn't going to buy a system that plays mostly games they can already play on their primary system

JackBNimble2577d ago

If you can play pretty much all the same games on ps4 that are on xb1 plus all the exclusives from ps4 then what reason is there to buy an xb1?
MS give the consumer very little reason to buy an xb1, and don't mention Scorpio is a reason.

PhoenixUp2577d ago

@ uth

Yet someone will still buy a platform that still has plenty of today's hottest games on it.

@ Jack

Because there are plenty of games to play on Xbox One period. People aren't going to enjoy a platform that misses out on tons of games, just look at the irrelevant Wii U.

JackBNimble2577d ago

The point was made about your original comment, and if all you play is 3rd party games then fill your boots.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2579d ago

while Wii U being irrelevant is true but it was relevant on N4G with all the hate it got.

tyasia02578d ago

Quit comparing XBone to WiiU. WiiU has lots of highly rated games. XBone just has mediocre service games with lots of micro-transactions and paywalls.

Gaming_Cousin2578d ago

I remember when Netflix App for Xbone was behind a paywall smh

_-EDMIX-_2578d ago


I mean, if anything, Nintendo's Wii and Wii U lost them so much relevance in the home console market, they left and made a portable.


MS legit just needs to fix 1 thing, their first party. If they can buy or build like 3 teams and fully support new series every gen, I believe MS will be fine for the future, but they can't keep on simply just cancelling games and closing down studios while ALSO STILL having an issue with very little content.

I wish MS put as much effort into closing down a studio and cancelling games as they did opening them up and making new IP.

Nintendo have lost so much market share, they left console gaming and went portable. Something I predicted years ago might happen if they kept ignoring those hardcore console fans. They are not portable only. It is Nintendo that has not only lost relevance to the console market, they are no longer even in it.

Thatguy-3102578d ago

It'll be deal last for April npd. Xbox one will be irrelevant until Scorpio drops

Artemidorus2577d ago

Name the Xbox Only titles comming.

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esmittystud1012577d ago

When you don't play Halo or Gears of War......X1 is very shallow. I do have Forza Horizon 3 and I like it but I'm only averaging one game a year buy for X1. Last year I bought Quantum Break and the year before I bought Sunset Overdrive.

When Microsoft does give the players exclusives the players don't buy them.

I enjoyed Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive but a lot of players will tell you they are no good which is fine. But what's that saying about Microsoft then.

What's next for Scorpio, Halo 7.5 and Gears of War 6.2? Let me guess, Forza 7 will be the most showed off game on Scorpio before release of the console? This just screams boring.

They need new exclusives plain and simple. There scariest part is the fact the players that only own X1 are not even complaining about lack of exclusives. I guess there looking forward to Halo 7.5 and Gears of War 6.2.

E3 is an easy win for Sony this year. It's not even going to be hard to do so.

Sony could take away half there exclusives at E3 and still win easily.

Sea of Thieves is going to make me run out and buy a Scorpio? It's going to take more than that.

Don't games matter to players anymore? That is why were still buying consoles, right?

XiNatsuDragnel2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Microsoft is trying to be revelant but they can't their in third place this is just like 7th gen all over again but Xb1 is in third instead of Switch .


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Cacabunga3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I truly hope so.. day one buy

Ninver1h ago

Time for a change. Football games haven't evolved much.

Cacabunga49m ago

It’s tough when there is no competition

anast20m ago(Edited 20m ago)

The barber shop and roulette wheel are going to be awesome.

CrimsonWing6910m ago(Edited 10m ago)

It’ll be monetized to all hell, regardless


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lelo2play17h ago

Mad Max is a good game... George Miller should STFU.