Prey is on track for high 8 to low 9 review scores

Bethesda’s upcoming open-world, psychological action game Prey will be one of 2017’s biggest hits.

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opinionated2216d ago

lol that headline though. That's the mindset and focus of people these days. That's a pretty crappy way to look at games. The metaverse distortion 😏

opinionated2216d ago

For people caring about review scores this much? How exactly? I think their no early review copy policy is hilarious. Look how people get so lost and confused without an early review telling them what to do lol. "This just in: prey is on track for a low 90s metascore, I repeat, a low 90s metascore."

SlappingOysters2216d ago

Well instead of talking what the game is like a day out for release, we're talking about what it might be like.

opinionated2216d ago

I played the demo so I know what it will be like. I don't know what the final result is and I don't care what the meta score will be but I do know that I liked it enough to buy it and play through it.

mikeslemonade2216d ago

Gonna be a 79 meta. My prediction is gonna be close.

nveenio2216d ago

I didn't even finish the demo. Not my style of game. I found it frustratingly mundane. It had an interesting premise, but the cinematics required to pull off the atmosphere weren't there, imo.

darthv722216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I have a game called Prey already and its a pretty damn good game. Is this one related to that or is it in name only?

One of those 'same name - different game' sort of things....?

mikeslemonade2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Haha you guys always resort to us as being dependent on the meta score. I still buy the game because my intuition and experience of gaming allows me to pick what games are worth playing. The metascore for me is only for debating, so if you want to complain about my negativity you don't have to be here.

I'm gonna play Prey on release day but it's gonna be a 79 or close to it.

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Toiletsteak2216d ago

If a game looks good to me I will buy it, I don't really pay attention to reviews anymore. I've played some games that were low scores (5's) and actual enjoyed them. The only opinion that matters is your own.

EatCrow2216d ago

Good on you!
What are you doing thinking for yourself : )

I do the do help to maybe sway you to wait for discount or not.

Bahamut2215d ago

Reviews are fine to use as tools to help you make your final decision, but no one should blindly buy anything just because it has a high score. I'll know if I want to play a particular game before it releases, but I always check the reviews before I purchase, just in case there are serious issues that are impossible to see in the trailer.

opinionated2215d ago


It's in name only. This game was already being made when the direct sequel with a bounty hunter premise was canceled. Think the tommy guy was also in the canceled game. They just slapped the name on Arkanes game.

There is a demo on consoles, it seems people are hit or miss so I would give it a try if possible. The demo will explain the game better than a review. I think it's great personally but the dystopian games are my favorite sub genre. I can see why others are canceling preorders though and that's why demos are important. That's better than an early review imo.

It feels like dishonored controls wise but dishonored sucks as a shooter. That's not how you are supposed to play anyway. The graphics kinda suck honestly, dishonored looks much better. These kinds of things aren't priority for me though, I can get used to controls and crap graphics if I'm interested.

lelo2play2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

From what I've seen so far, Prey has little interest to me... no matter what reviews say.
Waiting for sales on this one...

sizeofyou2216d ago

Pre-order cancelled after demo.
Hope people enjoy it, but not for me...

johndoe112112216d ago

I couldn't believe how mediocre this game felt. I had really high hopes for this game but after playing that demo, I think i'll just sit this one out.

Knuckle Duster2216d ago

That is exactly what I did thank goodness for demos.

Erik73572216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )


I love the expansive and openness of the levels in it.

The art style is also unique and interesting

Characters seem good

And there are some cool abilities you have and you can screw around with some of the guns and experiment.

I love the cryogenic gun, that is so cool.

ObviousGoldfish2216d ago

Prey is on track for high 6 to low 7 review scores

Yohshida2216d ago

Its on track to score between 1 and 10

Chaosdreams2216d ago

You have some incredible intel.

EatCrow2216d ago

and sometimes between 1 and 5

OB1Biker2216d ago

Game is on track for good scores.
Geez I hope more and more gamers see the BS of score veneration. Focus should be if the game is on track for turning out to be good game.

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