IGN: Fable 2 Video Feature: Welcome to Albion

If you're not excited about Fable 2 by now, then you don't deserve your Xbox 360. That's right, hand it over, and the door's that a-way. Everyone else, those of you with immaculate taste and a thirst for adventure, should start stocking up on supplies ready for the game's release on October 24 in the UK.

By all accounts, it's the game everyone was expecting first time around, with Fable 2 taking the original's already beautiful world, moral dilemmas and sheer, heroic swashbuckling then stretching and refining them into something quite spectacular.

As the extremely talented chaps and ladies down at Lionhead put the finishing touches to Fable 2, IGN was lucky enough to be given the chance to go speak to the team about the game's development, from creating the world of Albion to why playing as a lady hero can be quite the disturbing experience for gentleman gamers.

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This game alone kills everything on the PS3! ha ha ha!