Nintendo's Kimishima Talks New 2DS, Hardware Cycles Will Not "Last For A Set Number Of Years"

GameRevolution: "Tatsumi Kimishima has further cemented the idea that they are. According to Kimishima's recent remarks during Nintendo's fiscal year financial results briefing, it seems that the 3DS family of systems may stick around longer than anybody expected. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch's planned lifecycle is not at all predetermined."

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XiNatsuDragnel587d ago

Interesting but hopefully Nintendo will plan a Switch successor.

C_Ali88586d ago

They have already begun, Nintendo always starts on their next hardware shortly after a new console launch.

Sono421586d ago

As someone who just bought a Switch, Nintendo Releasing a new version of the DS and then saying this is the last thing I want.

C_Ali88585d ago

I have multiple Switch units and because they have "begun" doesn't mean its going to come out tomorrow. Consoles are massive projects that include but aren't limited to, planning, research, development and manufacturing deals/contracts. If you start late then you lose potential market share when your current console become irrelevant.

jznrpg585d ago

Every compamy does this, it takes years to come up with a final design let alone manufacturing etc

Nintendo4Lifex586d ago

Just kill the 3ds already dear God. Literally cannibalize the switch yet again . Already killed one console.

Nyxus586d ago

No, the 3DS serves a different purpose and Nintendo knows it. The 3DS is more practical as a pure handheld than the Switch.

colonel179586d ago

It´s not about practicality, it is about development resources. Nintendo should be focusing 100% on the Switch.

kevnb586d ago

there really isnt a huge amount of first party support for the 3ds anymore, but people are still buying them and buying the already strong lineup of games.

mcstorm586d ago

Nexus I agree but I do think that. Nintendo should look at making a switch handheld only. This comes just as one consoles without the joycons that don't attach to the TV with a better battery life than the switch it's self then Nintendo and 3rd party's can all work with one console only.

blawren4585d ago

Releasing a handheld only switch would be their exit from home console space

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Fist4achin586d ago

I think there's room for both. I don't know why they are releasing a new 2ds when the 3ds was doing fine...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory585d ago

right.......looking at Media Create charts every week since Switch launching.
Sees the Nintendo Switch outselling every platform combined every week.

jznrpg585d ago

Well they did just launch and other conses have beem out for years , it should be that way. They have a long way to go , 26 million xb1 should be obtained, but 55-60 million ps4s and counting will be difficult

586d ago
superchiller586d ago

Smart of them to keep the 3DS/2DS line around, especially since the Switch will most likely bomb out in the near future due to a severe lack of 3rd party support (just like the Wii U before it). Nintendo hasn't learned anything from their recent failures, and it's going to continue to drag them down as the rest of the gaming community and industry evolves.

C_Ali88586d ago

Lol damn you salty dude...

Not so chill.

Gman32586d ago

Well hes kinda right nintendo hasn't learned that much from the wiiu they still got a console nintendo switch less powerful then ps4 and xboxone

C_Ali88586d ago


No such thing as "kinda right" either he is and it's a flop or he isn't and Nintendo HAS learned something from the Wii U...

Being a pessimist doesn't make you cool or smart.

TheUndertaker85586d ago

The better response would be no, Nintendo has not learned from its past mistakes. Namely with third party support.

Looking back a good bunch of those same developers have stated they aren't jumping into a Nintendo platform, they're going to take a "wait and see" approach, or they aren't looking to produce a Switch version of their titles.

What's worse in this is Nintendo clearly, clearly lied about the support they claimed to have even before launch.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory585d ago

Japanese Developers and Indie Developers don't care.
All they wanted from Nintendo was a platform easy to developed for, have support for all the engines game developers use and successful launch which Nintendo is providing them.

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antikbaka586d ago

actually there is a reason why they won't hurry 3ds successor - development for a new console would be more expensive, less developers would be able to start making games.

superchiller586d ago

They're not going to make a "3DS successor", the 3D gimmick failed and the second screen was worthless. The Switch is their next handheld, there's no reason to work on a successor to the 3DS. They can't even get 3rd party developers on board for the Switch, they have enough to worry about.

C_Ali88585d ago

Dayum Salt Bae leave some for the steaks.