Kojima keen on Xbox 360

Hideo Kojima has admitted that he has a "strong interest" in working on Xbox 360. Interestingly, he also says he'd like to work on the PC.

"I do have strong interest in creating something for the Xbox 360. In the US and Europe, it is selling, and I think it will sell a lot this year as well. I'm a fan of Gears of War as well, it's very interesting," he told GamePro.

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donscrillinger5228d ago

get down or lay down he knows whats up.if he onlys works with sony NObody will play hes games .

True Gamer5228d ago

1. Learn how to spell.

2. Sony has a fanbase of 212 million, MS has a fanbase of 34 million, You do the math.

TheMART5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

A fanbase of 212 million?

Please do the math for me...

The PS2 just sold over 100 million or so, where 50% of sales are because their first PS2 broke down on the drive or so. But still, let's say there are 100 million working PS2's out there.

PS2 users don't buy that much games. PS3 users neither (1.5 game attach rate @ launch, compared to the 360 with 4.5 attach rate @ launch). There are just about 1 million PS3's sold.

So uh... I have no idea how you got to double the users that are maybe out there.

Second. Talking last gen and next gen is a different thing.

So if we just watch next gen:

PS3 sold about 1 million units
360 will have sold close to 11 million at the moment

Do the math. The attach rate on games per 360 unit has increased to 5.3 games... That's incredible high. Games sell on this format. Gears sold over 3 million in 2 months. Lost Planet sold 1 million copies in no time. There are about 14 games that sold over at least 1 million copies. That's impressive. That attracts gameproducers.

Konami will jump in, sooner then later you'll see

GaMr-5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

This Has Been Milked to death. Its gettin pathetic. Ok Kojima is interested in Why wouldnt he be its selling not "PS2 selling" but selling non the less. How many times we going to quote and repost this interview. Its funny how before this was said. metal gear was crap and Kojima was a Sony Fanboy. Now 360 groupies cant seem to get his "Slong out there mouth" lol Fanboys & trolls are hilarious. Get of the mans eggroll. Im sure he will send somethin to the 360. In the end it is all about money.

blackmagic5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

It's interesting. I've read many 360 fanboy comments over the months and I believe that the consensus of those comments is the beleif that MGS4 will eventually be published on the 360 which to me says 'I like this game and desire it on the system I own'. That's a far way off from calling the game crap!

Of course, if I was a fanboy of the Sony variety, I might write a comment like this; An egocentric prophecy which exactly mimics your personal beliefs and automatically becomes factual truth the moment it is penned in virtual ink.

You're quite a piece of work.

calderra5228d ago

I think the real story is that Kojima is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

For example: The part of this intervew most people pick on is when Kojima said he doesn't really care about HD, and how the whole HD thing is something he's being forced in to. Now that really IS territory for flamebait, considering all the effort he spent ~e3 05 standing side-by-side with Sony execs on 1080p and how HD was so important, and how only Sony could deliver the future.. only now HD isn't important at all.

^Now that's the troll territory.

MissAubrey5228d ago

Less talk and more action!

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The story is too old to be commented.