Surviving gatecamps in EVE Online

A large percentage of EVE Online's playerbase prefers to remain safely ensconced in highsec space, where they can move about running missions, mining, or engaging in their chosen playstyle with minimal risks. However, the real action in EVE occurs in lowsec or more lawless tracts of space - where players themselves determine what the game is, not CCP's mission designers. Players that have played EVE for any length of time and ventured out into lowsec or 0.0 space have no doubt encountered - or been a part of - a gatecamp.

That ambush waiting on the other side of a star gate is ubiquitous in EVE, and is pretty much a core tactic used in the game. Players on the pain-giving end of the scenario probably have little to fear if the numbers (and warp disruption capabilities) are on their side, save for those sentry guns... and the occasional billboard packing heat. However, for those attempting to survive gatecamps that block access to a given destination, or bypass them altogether, there are a few things they'll need to know. Xiphos, of Agony Unleashed PvP school, has lived in 0.0 for roughly two years and recently imparted some tips on surviving gatecamps.

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