UGO: Resistance 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

UGO writes: "Resistance: Fall of Man was the launch title that inaugurated all of us to the difficulty and travails that encompassed the PSN launch experience. Or, at least, encompassed it until we all learned how to deal with it. "Dealing" is not necessarily a problem I have as long as it allows me to sit down and smack talk friends and foes alike while I take on the role of "pwning n00bs" and slinging derogatory insults at just about anyone that obviously doesn't fit the bill (joke). In all seriousness though, Fall of Man pretty much owned the PSN landscape until it was finally eschewed by bigger, brighter, and flashier games with Dualshock support (before Resistance was finally patched) or persistant experience points, or the ability to map your mug on a character.

This fall, when Resistance 2 launches, we can go ahead and expect whatever calamity the original raised to be doubled. Well, not quite doubled. The number of players has been raised from 40 to 60, so that's 150% more players that are going to be jaunting about in a server attempting to gib one another and teabag until the sun begins to rise in the east each morning."

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rogimusprime3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

50% more players....not 150%. That would be 100 players. But good feedback nonetheless.