Resident Evil 7: Redfield, Umbrella Corporation, and More all Answered in Japanese Booklet

Rely on Horror writes: Resident Evil 7's biggest mysteries have been answered in a Japanese booklet for a replica gun!

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Tross1198d ago

Only someone involved in the mansion incident could understand huh? Please Capcom, can we finally get some acknowledgement of Jill and where she's at?

Lord_Sloth1198d ago

I take it you didn't play Revelations.

Tross1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I very much did, but that only fills in the gap between the older titles and RE5. It doesn't explain what Jill has been up to since 5. I mean she had testing done on her afterwards but it should have been finished well before the present day.

Edit: It occurs to me you thought I was referring to just acknowledgement of Jill. I suppose she was acknowledged 5 years ago. I still want to find out what she's been up to since her last canon appearance, and I'm sick of seeing Chris carry on without her, especially since I'm more of a Jill fan than a Chris fan.

Lord_Sloth1198d ago

@Tross I can understand that. I'd like to see more of the cast as well and I'm all for more Jill.

TheOttomatic911198d ago

I believe @Lord_Sloth is actually referring to Revelations 2 where Jill is a major and playable character, although I too would like to see more of her (and personally Ada) but with the direction 7 is going we will probably have all the older characters in background roles whilst the newer and more inexperienced character will be at the forefront

Tross1198d ago

That was indeed Claire, who we had to wait a good 14 years to see again, all because Capcom made up some BS excuse that her story arc was over while they had no problem making up a new arc for Leon. Maybe Capcom just has something against its female cast. At least we finally got a good game starring Claire, but here's hoping Jill isn't the new Claire. I can buy the older cast being placed in the background if the male cast are too...and we get a proper completion of their arc.

TheOttomatic911198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

@Tross and @Lord_Sloth Oh shit you guys are both right it WAS Claire, I guess you guys have a point about Jill not being in enough material since I mixed up her and Claire lol.

On a more serious note Tross I'm not sure what resentment you have to Capcom for not using classic female characters in 7 (I hope your not an SJW) keep in mind Leon is just as big as Chris in the RE series yet he was not once mentioned in 7 nor was Jake or Barry and so on. I think Capcom wants to focus on civilian protagonists and whilst we may see more of the older characters in future titles they will only be in cameos and I think we will see less and less of Chris and others as the series goes on

lunatic00011198d ago

What I still don't understand is his look...with the upcoming cgi film and mvc game...why not implement his new look to show that this is the new look for Chris going forward...maybe it's just me but it's annoying and weird especially when the new movie is canon

pietro12121198d ago

I think it might just be different character designs and art directiin between the projects. The art style from RE7 is pretty different than RE 4,5, 6 and the CGI movie's.

lunatic00011198d ago doubt it has a different art direction...just my problem is how capcom did not at least try to implement his new look in the movie since they have said its canon...having his look from re5 in the movie just adds confusion especially if Chris has a huge role in main games and cgi movies going forward

AntiZeal0t1198d ago

They used photogrammetry for RE7, so it was much easier to use a real person for the game.

VsAssassin1198d ago

I agree with lunatic0001. I can understand the different art style in MvC: Infinite, but not in the new RE CG movie--which Capcom says is canon. So if that CG movie is canon, and RE7 IS canon as well, why have two version of Chris?

Digital-Devil1198d ago

Capcom will SELL you the new Chris design as DLC for MvC:I.

lunatic00011198d ago

Haha...I honestly would not doubt's capcom afterall

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TheOttomatic911198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Damn that was alot of info to take in but ultimately what I gathered from that was Red vs Blue, I wonder if anyone at Capcom is a fan of Rooster Teeth?

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