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Carlos writes "Last time out with Sniper Elite 4, we were making our way through the frozen lands of the an Italian shipyard, taking in the views of the snow covered scenery and getting to work on interception of the package known only as Todessturm - if only in order to find more about a secret atomic weapon that was expected to be arriving inside the base. After finishing that mission, it was fair to say that we felt like we had achieved something major, we had almost cracked the overall mission and we were ready to head home in victory. Recently I sat down with the second part of Sniper Elite 4’s Deathstorm mini-campaign and found out that what we thought was work well done, may as well not have even taken place at all."

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neil3632098d ago

Still very slowly making my way through the main campaign but pretty much near the end now. Will hit up the Hitler DLC then right on this.

LrryLegend2098d ago

So what are your thoughts on the campaign compared to the other Sniper Elites (if you have played them)?

2098d ago