Publishers plead: 'Stop the price wars'

Following a spate of aggressive promotions from the likes of Morrisons, Woolworths and Asda, leading industry figures have urged retail to hold fire on further cuts to new release pricing.

With fears over the economy at an all time high, ultra-crowded release schedules and retailers fighting for supremacy, many are concerned that new release prices could plummet.

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FreestyleBarnacle3676d ago

As it would be terrible if everyone in the UK paid similar amounts to the rest of the world for things. With luck this could lead to more games being priced in relation to their quality. This is a structure that works quite well in Japan for example where games that have been thrown together as a distraction for the kids are always priced at about half the price of anything people had to really work on.
This could also be an indication that games are becoming mainstream and that people will be able to sell them in higher quantities at these prices.

The Makr3676d ago

Gamers plead: 'STFU publishers!'