Upgrade Your Xbox 360's Hard Drive on the Cheap

PC World: "Microsoft expects you to pay close to $200 to upgrade your Xbox 360's hard drive from 20GB to 120GB. That's about $150 more than a 120GB SATA drive actually costs. But with this slightly tricky hack, you can save a bundle while boosting your game console's storage capacity to hold more music, video, and other media files.

You'll need a DOS installation on a writable flash thumb drive for this hack. (The utility doesn't work under Windows, and you'll also be disconnecting your PC's hard drive.) First, grab a spare USB thumb drive and copy the HP Drive Key Boot Utility to it. The utility is designed for HP flash drives, but it works on other types of flash drives, too. Also download and mount a DOS image file."

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wetowel3676d ago

Would MS be able to detect the HD is modded and ban u?

If not I may finally jump in. $179 for arcade up here in canada.

Invalid Username3676d ago

why on earth would you want to hack your console wtf???

UltimateIdiot9113676d ago

There are people who pirate and other people who wants to "save money".

Pain3676d ago

2 -
why on earth would you want to hack your console wtf???

Ask EVERY One that Bought a Xbox 1 why.

fact: u ether bought Xbox 1 for Halo or to Mod it.

fjtorres3676d ago

The way I heard it, MS Hard Drives have unique serial numbers assigned; this hack simply copies over *one* number that conforms to whatever algorithm MS uses to cook up the numbers.
All MS would have to do is render that specific number invalid and you're driveless and all your data unaccessible.
Maybe I heard wrong, but...
The reason the Arcade can be had at those prices is partly because of the pricing of the drives and accessories; its a package deal.
If you want to violate the terms of service (altering XBOX hardware is covered by the end-user agreement) you'd better be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Blades083676d ago

If you never plan on going to live, it will probably work, since there will be no way of verifying the HD number.

PopEmUp3676d ago

should watch hitler got ban from xbox live it pretty hilarious

Bloodwar3676d ago

It is about as funny as I have ever seen any joke about Hitler in my life. HAHA

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The story is too old to be commented.