Halo 3 now playable from start to finish.

The latest Halo 3 update over at has revealed that, for the first time, the massively anticipated Xbox 360 shooter is now "playable from end to end."

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THAMMER15218d ago

Why do they keep doing this? I'm going to need to know the release date now so I can schedule the time off work. I'm going to need at least 3 days or more to beat this on legendary. Halo will be game of 2007 but Mass Effect could steal the crown but we will see in just a few months.

FirstknighT5218d ago

The single player is finished!!! The time is near! Halo 3 will own 2007!!!

nice_cuppa5218d ago

i cant frigging wait for this.
i know this is going to rock so hard.
come on already.
get it out.

pmx5218d ago

Im just waiting for heavenly sword, but it depends on H3

SPAWN5218d ago

They have mucho time to debug, and push the game further graphically which is a good thing! This also proves how much harder it is to code for the ps3! MGS4 isn`t even playable from start to middle much less end to end! The XBOX 360 is the place to be at this gen when it comes to AAA titles! And more will flood the 360, since the table has turned on sony for their ignorance!

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The story is too old to be commented.