USB dongle lets PCs run Mac OS X without software hacks

The Tech Report: "Ever since Apple announced its switch to Intel processors and released an x86 version of its operating system to developers, hackers have managed to get able Mac OS X running on white-box PCs. After all, Macs are little more than PCs at the hardware level-they just use a customized Extensible Firmware Interface instead of a BIOS.

Running OS X on PCs typically involves using software patches of dubious legality, but Gizmodo blogger Matt Buchanan has been testing out a much more elegant alternative: EFI-X. In essence, the EFI-X USB dongle includes the firmware necessary to install a retail-boxed version of Mac OS X. There are catches, of course. You can only use a handful of processors, motherboards, graphics cards, Wi-Fi adapters, and sound cards. And right now, EFI-X supports neither AMD processors nor most AMD graphics cards."

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