Microsoft Talks Future of Rare and Lionhead

Microsoft's been on a binder of late, shuttering the likes of Halo Wars developer Ensemble Studios. From that, a new developer entity is being created. Just as its other studios seem at risk (namely Lionhead and Rare) for the same corporate reorganization, Microsoft is trying to quell those fears. Regarding both the Microsoft-owned Rare and Lionhead Studios, Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer states:

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meepmoopmeep3675d ago

i prefer my lions head well done, or at least medium rare

Bnet3433675d ago

They should merge Rare, Lionhead, and former Ensemble and make one huge newly formed studio spearheaded my Peter Molyneux.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3675d ago

I agree.Molyneux has made some of my favorite games like Popolous and Black and White and him leading Microsoft games would change my opinion about them.Well sort of.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3675d ago

Microsoft will shut down both studios to maximize potential for their flops.Those flops will be the official line-up for the Xbox 720

Disclaimer:Xbox 720 will not exist due to Microsoft bankruptcy.

sit down droid3674d ago

your wrong lord flop. sony does not have the money to make the ps4 as of yet, unless they get their stock holders to bail them out AGAIN for the next gen. ps3 has lost huge market. they are losing percentage in their games department and with the credit crunch every other market exept for their bravia HDTV market, has been hit by the credit crunch for allmost every company in the world