Loot Ninja Import Review: Phantasy Star Portable (PSP)

Phantasy Star Portable is a Japanese game that can be played on any US PSP, since they are region free, and is a great pickup for any fan of the series. It picks up in the same style and gameplay as Phantasy Star Universe for the Xbox 360 and was recently one of the top games purchased in Japan.

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taz80803700d ago

Any Phantasy Star enthusiasts needs to grab this game. If you have not played PSU or PSO then this may take some getting used to, think Monster Hunter or a simpler WoW set in space.

VampHuntD3699d ago

Is it in English? cause if it's not, then importing it does no good anyway. At least in my case.

taz80803699d ago

Completely in japanese. Bbut once you figure out the menus it really does not matter

taz80803700d ago

Japan has gotten a PSP Phantasy Star and is also getting a DS version. The US hasnt gotten any handheld love yet.

fiercescuba3700d ago

You had me at WoW in space

nieto23700d ago

good score! it looks interesting