Yoko Taro Says Good Bye To His Desk At Platinum Studios

Pratyush writes- "A visionary, a great artist, a master craftsman, a weird person (In a like-able way) and in every way a genius- this is how I would personally describe Yoko Taro, the game director of Nier: Automata. As he finally departs from Platinum Games together with whom, he delivered us an instant nerd classic and a masterpiece, I shed a tear and hope to see him again as soon as possible with another masterfully crafted game. Sayonara, Watashitachi wa mōichido, anata ga hyōji sa remasu. (Goodbye, we will see you again)."

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DarkOcelet2101d ago

I really hope they team up again to make Nier 3. Yoko Taro + Platinum games = brilliant story with superb gameplay.

UCForce2101d ago

I hope so. They need to team up again one day.

jznrpg2099d ago

He was there only to make Nier

fenome2099d ago

My bad, I was thinking it was Hideki Kamiya, I hadn't had my coffee yet. Lol

indysurfn2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )


XiNatsuDragnel2101d ago

Hopefully he makes a new company

SilverDemon2099d ago

He was never working for p*
He was only working with them on nier:automata and now that the game is finished, he's gonna go back to square enix(he works for them)

I remember hearing that he moved to another city (where P* is located)just to work on this game.... This guy loves his work I respect that

Feriku2101d ago

He just worked with them for Nier: Automata, so this shouldn't be a big surprise, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.