Call of Duty Compared to Call of Duty: WWII Shows How Far We've Come in 14 Years

Call of Duty has come a long way

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Summons75630d ago

Call of Duty has come so far graphically (sort of, barely passable by today's standards) and absolutely nowhere creatively. Why do something new with WW2 when you can re-re-re-re-re-redo the same old WW2 troupes and settings that have been done to death. Why sit down to write interesting characters with compelling story arcs when you can reuse the same flat 2D characters that are the same archetype and same the same lines you've used in all your games. Why create a new fun secondary mode when you can beat the zombie's concept to death some more. Call of Duty certainly isn't the game to show "how far we have come"


I kind of understand some of what your saying, basically new characters, but D-Day is something that should be redone every few generations of gaming.

It's a story that should never be forgotten,
and as we lose more and more vets of the battle every year it's a way to stay connected to that generation.

Summons75630d ago

I can agree but D-Day is something that should be worked up too to have it the big moment in history that it truly is. These guys come out of the gate and say the entire story basically revolves around D-Day. 1 day out of a 6-year war that truly changed everything. WW2 has some very, very interesting stories and events that aren't your normal high school history book quick notes. A lot of mysteries and unanswered questions still plague historians to this day. Heck, it wasn't too long ago that they discovered a secret Nazi base. I'm just saying they can easily build an excellent story with all the history behind WW2. The trailer just reminded me of history class talking about a couple big events but focusing on D-day at the tail end of the war. Obviously, it's one of the big events that changed the course of the war but that doesn't make it the only thing you can focus on when on the subject of WW2, that's just asinine.

InMyOpinion630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

Of course not, that would cost money. COD is all about maximizing profit with as little effort as possible.
I'd be surprised if they don't re-use textures and models from World at War.