Sweden’s booming video game industry is more than just Microsoft’s ‘Minecraft’

"Microsoft’s acquisition of “Minecraft” maker Mojang in 2014 thrust it into the center of Sweden’s vibrant video-gaming cluster, where a boom in the last half decade — that includes much more than “Minecraft” — is one of the biggest success stories in the industry." - Seattletimes

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StormSailor2579d ago

Sweden is being destroyed by Islam, bombing games should be the last concern for these guys.

Simon_the_sorcerer2579d ago

It's not my article :P But, yeah...

nX2579d ago

lol did you just call this "Microsoft's Minecraft" while making a point about the swedish games industry...? Damn.

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Ubisoft say AC Shadows protagonists will be "romantically attracted to different types of people"

Ubisoft recently shared more details about Assassin's Creed Shadows protagonists, confirming that both of them will romantically attract and be attracted to different types of people.

Hugodastrevas15h ago

That should please everyone I'm sure...

RpgSama56m ago(Edited 54m ago)

Feudal Japan DEI LGBTQ+ Samurai, sounds very accurate for the time period. Surely a decision made only with historical accuracy in mind.

Crows9052m ago

Or even modern day accuracy.....

Lexreborn243m ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, bet you didn’t know nobunaga was bi-sexual. Or ran maru his is often depicted as androgynous was a “beautiful boy”.

So yeah, feudal Japan had tons of lgbtq and kawaii enough… A BLACK SAMURAI! All without the need of offending a Caucasian because the world is diverse.

CrimsonWing691h ago

Geezus, just make a good game… holy sh*t this is becoming insufferable.

Crows9050m ago

Oh yeah!!!! What about being inclusive???

I'm sorry
..please replace the word inclusive with stupid.

darthv7257m ago

Is that genuinely a selling point for people?

RpgSama53m ago(Edited 48m ago)

They sure as hell want to see if it is, time and time and time again.

VincentVanBro22m ago

You have to understand they’re incapable of writing a good story so this is the best they could come up with

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Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

ESTNN writes: "A leak for Valve's 6v6 3rd-person shooter MOBA has supposedly been released ahead of time. And if the reports are true, fans of the genre have much to be excited for."

XiNatsuDragnel1d 9h ago

Deadlock looks like bioshock and Moba had babies

JunonZanon51m ago

Valve really cannot count to 3.


Limited Run Games: There's Still Demand For Physical Media, But Not In "Traditional Way"

Limited Run Games believes that more companies will start selling a limited number of physical media in a decade.

CrimsonWing695h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Like a vocal minority demand?

On PS5 alone the digital sales made up 77% of all game sales in 2024.


Also, I despise f*ckin limited run games because they will extort people that want a physical version by marking up the prices almost 100% so they make more. So a game digitally that’s $30 you can expect it to be $60 on LRG and don’t even get me started on the collectors edition prices… it’s borderline highway robbery.

Jingsing4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Yeah and other quarters it is 63% and sometimes lower than that, the split goes up and down so it isn't quite the digital domination you are trying to paint. I suspect given all that has been going on the past couple of years with digital and subscriptions people might start having a change of heart and tip the balance back.