8BitJoystick Review: Rock Band 2

8BitJoystick: "Rock Band 2 is brain child of music game developer Harmonix, published by MTV Games and distributed by EA. This game builds upon the concepts established with the original Rock Band. It is not a totally new game but rather Rock Band "two point zero". It really is so much evolution that is is a revolution.

I wish I had a photos of this but I actually wrote most of this review while sitting on a stage at my local concert hall/roller derby rink in Port Orchard. My girlfriend was busy at rollerderby practice so I typed this out on my laptop on stage between two giant speaker stacks. There were guitars and a mic stand on stage at the time.

Is the most ambitious game music game that is out right now. The game play in Rock Band is based around four players working together to play a song, either in the same room or online. There is a vocalist with a USB microphone, a lead guitarist with a Guitar Hero style controller, a bass guitarist with a Guitar Hero style controller and a drummer with a pretty good size digital drum kit. It is not just Guitar Hero times four but has a complex teamwork dynamic. You play a song by hitting the proper colored buttons in time with the music or singing on pitch and on time. If you do poorly you will fail out and your band mates can only try to save you. It really feels good to work together to slay a hard song and the game encourages cooperation between players."

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