Call of Duty Trailer Impression: Anyone Else Still Burned Out On WWII?

From Cinelinx:

The new Call of Duty is stepping back into World War II and the first trailer leaves us with some impressions worth noting.

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UCForce2100d ago

For me, it worth something. Because WW 2 will never get old for me.

nX2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Really? I can't even watch documentaries about it anymore.

For CoD I'd actually prefer that they simply create their own wars, why not about current geopolitical conflicts? It would have a much bigger social impact on our world and I would maybe even start buying their games again.

Phill-Spencer2099d ago

For a long time I'm burned out on fighting againts arab npc's in dessert settings, and using jet packs, drones, thermal views etc but never got bored of WW2, wheather it be realistic or alternate history

boomtube19872099d ago

As long as we don't see WW2 happen every year. CoD studio's need to stop copying each other and the three studios need to do different era's. I hope we go back to modern era next year and cold war era the year after. Keep every year different and fresh rather that put everything in one basket.

NotanotherReboot2099d ago

Twoforce, a lot of innocent people died in WW2, it wasn't made just for your pleasure

2099d ago
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Paytaa2100d ago

Seriously complaining about WW2 when it's been about a decade since CoD did it last? No just no, it's a thousand times better than the 3 years of being a poor man's Titanfall and even the later modern games.

Eonjay2099d ago

They complained about future warfare, now they will complain about past warfare. There is no scenario that wont draw their complaints.

ziggurcat2099d ago

no, I welcome any WW game.

JimmyBoy832099d ago

I like to play in a realistic conflict between two equally threathning forces. WW2 is the best one to portray a large scale conflict with huge impact one western civilzation. Those made up conflict doesnt seem to be realistic. A modern war simply put wouldnt be fought like that. And they seem to move away from the one man army the last games have focused on.

KwietStorm_BLM2099d ago

I was burned out years ago when literally every shooter on the shelf was WWII.

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The story is too old to be commented.