Does Rocket League Need a Sequel?

Does Rocket League really need a sequel any time soon, or should they continue to add fresh new content to the current game?

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nX2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

I think it needs one, but not necessarily right now. I want a full single player career where you can earn "money" and spend it to upgrade your car. There should be stats so that each car feels different to drive... but of course keep a tournament mode where every car is the same.

Doopy2099d ago

Only when it is time to update the engine. Treat it like Counter-Strike and come out with a sequel every 8 years or so.

Chumdiddy2099d ago

Too few seem to know and mention that Rocket League *is* a sequel. It's fine for now. Only so much you can do with car-based arena soccer.

r3f1cul2099d ago

i was going to post that it is in fact actually already a sequel lol

nX2099d ago

Well everyone knows that by now, that doesn't mean it doesn't need a sequel. It will definitely get one at some point, it's just that they need to add more content to justify one.