Overwatch Has Reached Over 30 Million Players, Says Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment announced this week that its online multiplayer shooter Overwatch has surpassed 30 million players.

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IamTylerDurden12101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Overwatch was never deserving of the accolades it received. A competent mp shooter with a nice art style, not a revolutionary game that deserved to win goty.

UCForce2101d ago

Dude, can you just settle down ?

2101d ago
AspiringProGenji2100d ago

You are wrong. It is a very polished game and very fun. Not revolutionary, but imo it is something fresh compared to other shooters and even more competitive and team based

Erik73572100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Not surprised this is coming from a person with a console exclusive on their thumbnail.

Its not meant for a ps4, really only made to be played on PC, maybe thats why you couldnt understand the hype.

I play it constantly and it is the best competitive multiplayer you can play. What is that to you? Battlefield 1 ? ROFL casualed down piece of trash is what that is same for COD or Battlefront

Blastoise2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

It plays 100% fine on PS4. Same for Xbox.

pody2100d ago

Yeah, you can play the game on really low-end PC's. This guy is just a PC elitist. It's pretty common knowledge that FPS's are best played with a mouse and keyboard, but a lot of people enjoy gaming on console. You can get just as much enjoyment out of a FPS on a console as you can on PC. I don't know what this guy is talking about.

Overwatch is just as casual, if not more, as those games you mentioned so I wouldn't really talk if I were you. Any game where you can press one button to insta-kill people with, will be labeled that.

Summons752100d ago

A game doesn't need to be "revolutionary" to win awards. If that was the case Witcher 3 shouldn't have won either. It's a fantastic game and people clearly thought it was the best of last year.

kevnb2100d ago

Why are you upset that other people like it so much?

Silly Mammo2100d ago

The way he carries on about this game, Blizzard must have stoled his puppy when he was a child.

SirBradders2100d ago

I agree, the game is mediocre at best for me.

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InTheZoneAC2100d ago

at least 15 million have no concept of team shooting the shield, the healer, or the annoying guy flanking to kill the team

PlayableGamez-2100d ago

And people think Phil Spencer's comment was crazy.
Yeah multiplayer games with service is what is hot.

joab7772100d ago

Definitely not GotY but a great game. Questiinable pay model, but hey, is the worth of anything that which ppl will pay?

Guess they made the right choice canceling the WoW2 mmo for this!

TheFanboySlayer2093d ago

idk what is questionable about the's fine

That one guy 862100d ago

I played it early on and quickly let it go. I don't get it and I often wonder what is different about myself that, I don't chase mainstream popular products like this or cod. One question, how many times has blizzard needed to buff/nerf characters for balance reasons?

BadElf2100d ago

Played it early on as well, in that open beta....and almost didnt try it again. It just didnt catch me after a few hours. THankfully, I did play again and got the hang of a couple characters which then has led to me playing daily since launch. Great game.
And to answer your question, you probably(without wanting to admit it) just have hipster antics. Bunch of Ex Friends of mine would avoid anything that is getting more popular, and back away from it all of a sudden and say "Ehhh, not a fan".
Its just classic Hipster symptoms. Sorry :(

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