The End for 'Artistic' Games?

Does the end of a dominant console also spell the demise of 'artsy' games like Okami, Ico (pictured) and Shadow of the Colossus? Taking a personal view, Matt Matthews believes market-share parity will lead to creative conservatism among hardware manufacturers and publishers…

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candystop5218d ago

So is XNA only going to be used in smaller xbox arcade titles? I think that once big developers start using it we will see some of the most artistic games to date! Heck that's pretty much what it was designed for art!

calderra5218d ago

Not really, XNA is for smaller games. In fact, it's primarily intended for Arcade games at this point.

However, the tools in XNA are the same as developers get when they make games for 360 normally. So if an XNA dev wanted to move to making "real" games, it's not a big leap.

And it's not like XNA is incapable- look at XNA racer. It was technically the first next-gen title to deliver 1080p @ 60fps on ANY console. It's just that the community at the moment is more focused on the possibilitied of Live Arcade, and how it seems like a perfect vehicle for small deverlopers. And yes, this is a perfect breeding ground for artistic games.

nice_cuppa5218d ago

i think it means on ps3 as its so expensive to develope for and artistic games on ps2 didnt sell too well.

techie5218d ago

Both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are very hard to get hold of. Ico depsite being quite an old game now has kept its price up there with 1year old games...and I was only recently able to find it. Shadow of the Colossus is so hard to find! I've asked in game stores and they say as soon as they get some in, they are out within a day. The only place I did find one was selling it for £35 ($60)...and that's for a PS2 game!

So although they're sales might not be up there with mainstream games...perhaps its because they underestimate they're market by not producing enough; or because they want it to keep its price and be lauded as a mysterious must have game that you can never find

The guys who made Ico and Ico 2 are planning to make a game for the ps3 of course...and I'm sure it'll be just as artistic.

calderra5218d ago

If games like Ico and Shadows and Okami (and Psychonauts! It's not limited to Sony) were marketed as heavily as EA markets each new Madden, you'd see a reversal of this trend.

Heck, even Viva Pinata suffered from under-marketing.

Dusk5218d ago

The 360 already has Viva Pinata and several arcade titles. The PC will be getting Spore and has tons of arcade titles. The Wii will definately have its share. They may be far and few between, but they're out there and more are coming.

The flaw in this guy's argument is that he's putting too much emphasis on the collapse of the Playstation brand. The same people that bought 'artistic' games are still out there. Even though people are shying away from the Sony brand's newest entry, there are still more gamers today than there were yesterday. Consoles are being sold to more worldwide markets which equates to a greater variety of gamers.

The 360, PC, and now it looks like the Wii as well are all going to have large enough market shares for 'artistic' games. The XBLA service with XNA also offers a wonderful platform for artistic games. The only system in doubt at this point is the PS3, as people just don't seem to want it. If the PS3 continues its current course and fails miserably, the gamers that would have purchased a PS3 are not going to quit gaming, they're just going to buy a different system. If 'artistic' games sold enough before to keep them coming, which they did, they will continue to sell as it's not gaming that is collapsing (in fact it's still growing), it's the Playstation brand.

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The story is too old to be commented.