New Nintendo 2DS XL Will Sport 82% Larger Screens Than 2DS

It has been revealed that the all new, New Nintendo 3DS XL, will sport 82% larger screens than its 2DS counterpart. Following the announcement of system, more details have begun emerging for the handheld.

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Tetsujin1635d ago

I may be reading this wrong, but in the article do you mean New 2DS XL instead of saying New 3DS XL?

Gemmol1635d ago

it wont have the new name in front of it so its just 2DS XL

Feriku1634d ago

It has features of the New 3DS, so it's the New 2DS XL.

1633d ago
1634d ago
LIGATURE1634d ago

Oh 82% oh like we didnt know it was a 3ds xl without 3d😲

MeteorPanda1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Lets be real here; all ds's are 2ds's

Wasnt the charm of the 2ds the no flip for kid durability? I dont undetstand this design choice unless that bend is fortified

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