Star Citizen Passes $148 Million in Crowdfunding; Video and Screenshots Show Beautiful Moons

Star Citizen breaks a new crowdfunding record, as Chris Roberts talks about the philosophy behind it and shares new assets.

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joab777540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

He speaks on out most games are not made this way and how many devs are not aiming for hand created environments...I'd argue that most would love to do this BUT are hampered by finances and deadlines. It looks as though the exponential growth of tech and his unabounding vision will never be satiated. A final product is not necessary as he can continue adding to his world, but a profitable product must be deliverable at some point.

That one guy 86540d ago

How much is enough? This game must be amazing if people are tossing this much money at it.

dennigo540d ago

this game will never come out

TheOpenWorlder539d ago

Holy shit....the main guy talking looks like he wants to kill himself LOL

539d ago