A New 2DS Is Great But When Will Nintendo Make All Its Handhelds Region Free Like The Switch?

While it is great to see a new 2DS XL announced, it does beg the question if Nintendo will make both its 3DS and 2DS handhelds region free like the Switch.

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The 10th Rider2101d ago

That's kind of a silly question for a hardware revision. I imagine there'd be a host of problems with making a region free revision of a region locked hardware.

Nitrowolf22101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

I thought it was a software thing though? I mean u can find a hacked OG and new 3ds region locked unlocked. Im not to knowledgible on tech, but if hackers are able to make games run fine, surely experts at Nintendo can do the same

davand1142099d ago

I think region locking might be a firmware thing.

LamerTamer2096d ago

Yeah firmware can be updated. They are just being assholes as usual.

godashram2100d ago

I do not see how unlocking the region would cause any sort of issue. People have soft modded their systems with no issue for months, if not years (I do t recall how long its been since the 3DS/New 3DS have had this) and the fact that it can be soft modded in shows that a firmware change should allow it.

The 10th Rider2100d ago

I was talking more on the legal and logistic side if the original 3DS was region locked and the New 2DS XL wasn't.

I guess if it can be done in a firmware update maybe there's something they could do there.

2100d ago