Will 'Force Unleashed' be the next 'Star Wars' film?

Haden Blackman, the project leader on "The Force Unleashed" video game, has a daydream: He strolls into the movie theater, buys some popcorn and then sits down and watches his game's tale of Darth Vader and his secret apprentice flicker to life as cinema.

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ape0074738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

this game is amazing,satisfying,atmospheric and it's a breath of fresh air

sure,you can say it has some glitches and design issues,but it's an awesome experience

just go ign or gs and see the user average

or go check a youtube video that has more than 1 millon views and lots of comments,nearly everyone says it rocks

or go google and type"the force unleashed underrated"

and see how many gamers are angry of these harsh,high criticism, reviews for this one

imagine,halo 3 and gta 4 reviews with this level of criticism and

this game is 9 out of 10 for me.

riderofpl4gues4738d ago

i just beat the game (rented it)
and i can tell you that this game was broken. first of all, it had the absolute worst, and i mean WORST level design i have ever seen. i should not fall to my death because the bridge im standing on has round edges. during one of the boss fights (against the jedi with like 6 arms), he got stuck inside of a wall, so the fight was impossible to finish, i had to restart. but the story was excellent, and i hope this becomes a movie, because the story was about the only great thing from this game.

Blades084738d ago

I finished the game I agree the game mechanics need improvement or updates. I doubt this will be a movie, unless the modify it to so Darth Vader hunting Jedi down. If they left it they way it is, it would deflate how certain characters (don't want to spoil the ending) in the Star War movies would look weak and undermining episodes 4-6. Plus the main character would be a throw away one so you won't relate to them as the other main characters.

rhood0224738d ago

Since all the characters in the game are new (with the exception of 4 characters), what established characters are undermined or would appear weak?

If it's who I think you're talking about--rescue from the wookie homeworld?--then it fits in perfectly with the OT introduction of that character. Everything from the snarky comments and the strong-willed "I can do that" character.

Blades084738d ago

The characters I'm referring to are the ones at the end of the game the last fights.

rhood0224738d ago

Some of your comments don't relate to the article. The article is asking if the story of the game is compelling enough to be a movie? Not "is the game flawed or perfect?"

From a purely story perspective, which includes the novel and the various gaming incarnations story differences, I say "YES."

Lord Vader4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Yes... but unfortunately it is highly unlikely that Lucas will make another full feature Star Wars movie as he's said this many times. And worse, he's also said he won't let anyone else have the rights to the franchise to do a film even within the universe. But hopefully he'll at least do the Cg types & Tv & video games to expand the star wars story for the fans in the future.

dachiefsman4738d ago

JUST as long as Lucas is JUST the exec producer.

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