Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Invite Welcomes You To "A World Without Light"

PlayStation LifeStyle shows off what's inside the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event invite.

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joab7771677d ago

Interesting if you really have no light. There must be another mechanic for leveling.

cell9891677d ago

I just hope it's not a lazy way of having us start all over without any supers or abilities. The story better make all this interesting and worth the time invested

joab7771677d ago

It will be. We will start from scratch! I don't mind that as I want new abilities and I like leveling. It goes so fast anyway! At least they do attempt to explain it.

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Bobafret1678d ago

A world where owning and upgrading a fancy space ship is utterly meaningless.

mafiahajeri1678d ago

Lool they look cool when you travel from planet to planet xD

SoulMikeY1678d ago

Especially since half of gameplay time is staring at it in the loading screens...

Antarius7171678d ago

Well ships are cosmetic only and there was never any upgrading involved. If you played it you would know this.

Bobafret1678d ago

And? I just felt they needed to add more.

KwietStorm_BLM1677d ago

Point being, missed opportunity.

dp2774071677d ago

I have the art book and you can see where you could add different things to the ships and i think more than just cosmetic, stuff that affects the speed and different things so just alot of stuff didn't make it but hopefully we finally get a even better amazing game cause as much hate as it gets still a great game you haters lol.

HaveAsandwich1677d ago

i couldnt believe how stupid that addition to the game was.

Chaosdreams1678d ago

Interesting statement. Probably as deep as the overall plot will ever go.

"What are we fighting for?! I don't know! Shoot those guys!" <- Launch day of Destiny.

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S2Killinit1678d ago

one of the biggest things this generation, if not the biggest. So, yeah, its still a thing.

Trilithon1678d ago

it definitely had the biggest marketing budget of last generation. but other than that i beg to differ

S2Killinit1678d ago

Well, it has lasted longer than any game in its genre, so they must have done something right.

G20WLY1678d ago

You can beg to differ all you like, but fact is it was huge. Very successful and very much played.

Some didn't like it. Some thought they were cool for hating on it. Others, like me, never played it. All this changes nothing.

Antarius7171678d ago

For 3 years it's consistently on PlayStation and xboxes most played game list. Yea Destiny is a huge success, regardless what the minority of the haters have to say about it.

S2Killinit1678d ago

yup. that is exactly my point. whether Trilithon thinks it or not, it doesn't change the fact that the game has occupied a large presence in the gaming community. Many games have come and gone but Destiny is still being played. All I'm saying is, "give credit where it is due".

Personally, I'm looking forward to Destiny 2.

Sam Fisher1677d ago

It was doing ok bc ppl had hope, i even thought there was hope in the dlc hence i had bought the pass, never do that shit again

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CorndogBurglar1678d ago

Considering many, many people still play it today? I would say thats a big deal.

generic-user-name1678d ago

Yes, it'd be pretty ignorant to say otherwise.

I've stopped playing myself, but so many of my friends list are addicted to it, even now, there's usually always a few playing it. Can't say the same for any other title except maybe FIFA and CoD.

Sevir1678d ago

People still complaining about Destiny is a thing?

Trilithon1678d ago

all of this proves nothing

Doja1678d ago

Even if there was proof you'd find a reason to hate.

Aenea1677d ago

Listen dude, there's a ton of people still playing, the online communities are still very active, that it's still being featured in most played games lists is also saying something after almost 3 years.

No matter what you want to think, this does prove it was (and is) successful and popular...

KwietStorm_BLM1677d ago

There's nothing to beg to differ about. I stopped playing Destiny way back when Bloodborne and the Handsome Jack collection came out. That doesn't mean I can just deny fact that Destiny was a huge release this generation, and that it is and forever will be incredibly stupid when someone says blah blah is still a thing?

1677d ago
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S2Killinit1678d ago

coolest collector's edition box I've seen.

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