Wi-Fi Store For PSP Very Soon

You know how you can log into the PlayStation Network using your PS3, downloading demos, TV shows, and movies at will? Soon, the same functionality will be coming directly to your PlayStation Portable.

The PSP is equipped with its own Wi-Fi radio, as you may already know, so there's no reason why it has to do its downloading via a PS3 or PC. As such, Sony has announced that a PSP Wi-Fi Store is in the works and it could become available, alongside a firmware update, some time this fall. Go ahead and download those vids directly to your PSP!

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gano3675d ago

It'll be very exciting to download movies,and games
directly to the psp.

Nineball21123675d ago

I think the PSP could be the stealth "weapon" in Sony's arsenal, if they properly utilize it.

Once this Wi-Fi Store gets up and running, I think it'll add even more to the appeal of the PSP.

Sony really needs to market this and show how the PSP interconnects with the PS3.

Hububla3674d ago

Now if they are doing this why dont they spend a day to make a program to run the same internet radio on the PSP on the PS3 thats what i want!

DarkBlood3675d ago

i hope this doesn't have age where you have to be 18 because i can't have a account till im 18 and i bought the ps3 almost a year ago so can't wait till im 18 in feb next year and got the psp last month and is awsome

jams_shop3674d ago

well in that case Sony may let us use PSN cards... here is hoping

dronde3674d ago

what da hell with Sony. They are going crazy. Betas, price drop then Wifi Store for PSP. Are u kidding me.

gano3674d ago

So i can hang outside, find any wireless spot and
directly download the game/movie etc to the psp.
The times we live in.

El_Colombiano3674d ago

Wouldn't this take hours to download straight to the PSP? What is the transfer rate?

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