WWE's Kane loves his 360

In an interview with Yahoo!, WWE superstar and See No Evil star Kane admitted that he is a huge fan of the Xbox 360. After receiving it for Christmas last year, Kane has been playing Gears of War and COD 3 non stop as first person shooters are his drug of choice. Now he has turned to the dark side leaving PC gaming for good saying, "I can't even play on a computer any more because I can't get used to the keyboard and mouse after using the control pad for so long".

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hardwood20015229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

Did you know that Kane was originally Sid Justice, the same or shall I say the insane man, who fought Hulk Hogan at the main event on SummerSlam back in 1994?

RelloC5229d ago

No he's not. Sid wasnt even in the WWE at SS 94. Sid and Kane are NOT the same person.....

SuicidalTendencies5229d ago

Sid Justice was Sid Vicious. Kane use to be that crazy dentist guy.

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