Strafe Throwback Edition Features 3.5'' Floppy Disk & Cassette

The 90’s inspired shooter Strafe has long been on the radars of classic first-person shooter fans. The game melted the faces of the masses with its totally radical trailers back in 2015. Things have stepped up a notch with the reveal of the Throwback edition.

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JackTheLiz2109d ago

2 days ago we got Night Trap and now we're getting DOS re-releases? This. is. AWESOME.

PixelGateUk2109d ago

It's pretty cool, it's a gimmick for sure but my god it's a Wonderful one. Plus POGS!!! It comes with POGS!!

JackTheLiz2109d ago

Ah crap, stupid ol' me. I was confusing this for another similarly named game from back in the day, didn't realize it was a kickstarter game from this year. I do hope this leads to DOS re-releases though.

PixelGateUk2109d ago

I'd love s fancy re-run of various FMV games. Phantasmagoria would be much welcomed!

2108d ago
kylethemurphy2108d ago

I need that collector's edition in my life. The soundtrack on cassette? Sold.

shinoff21832108d ago

I grabbed the ps4 version this morning