Saints Row 2 Leaked Gameplay

Four parts of leaked gameplay from Saints Row 2

As of this post, only three of the four are posted.

Copy and paste The following links:

(part 1)

(part 2)

(part 3)

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ViRaL-3700d ago

it looks like crap. i mean even vice city for ps2 looks better

outlawlife3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

the graphics look bad and the physics look absolutely terrible

whats up with everyone floating through the air? does nothing have weight?

while GTA4 may have been a let down in the features department at least what it had was refined

they are just trying to cram as much crap into SR2 so theyc an say "we have more than gta"

more =/= quality

lodossrage3700d ago

But Viral is right. That looks REAL weak.

I'll give some slack because the quality of those videos is poor. But even factoring out the quality of the videos, it doesn't look good

bunbun7773700d ago

I can't believe it! This has got to be something beta related or tested- Looks nothing like anything I've seen in the magazine shots or in game shots--- this needs to be debunked or a lot of peeps are going to be sad...

Th3 Chr0nic3700d ago

I hope this is a joke or some really really really early build of the game. Like the guys said above me that video quality is horrible but even at that the games graphics look like ass u can tell they suck. its like there are no textures on anything just flat colors and all the cars look like oddly shaped boxes.
I wondered once what it would look like if you could go on a rampage in the SIMS in a gta style way...i guess this is it. They ripped off the SIMS engine and added cars and guns and punching...YAY!!!

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