Dead Space 2 And Dead Space 3 Are Now Available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Starting today you can now purchase Dead Space 2 & 3 digitally and play them on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One with Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

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Jakens539d ago

The games are $20 each digital or close to $4 each used. (At time of writing on amazon)

alb1899539d ago

Is this a sign?
Maybe the surprise exclusive for Xbox at E3.....

annoyedgamer538d ago

No, its just them adding more old SP games to the list. Still waiting for MW2 though.

morganfell539d ago

Does anyone know how DS3 runs on the X1?

Kingdomcome247539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

I booted up my One S for something other than watching a 4K Blu-ray for the first time in months last night, when I popped in my Dead Space 2 & 3 discs. I was completely satisfied with the performances of both, mind you I only spent 30 or so minutes with each game. From what I can tell, the framerate is absolutely solid on DS3, textures seem a tad sharper, with jaggies apearing to have been reduced slightly, and if my memory serves me correctly from when I last played DS3, there seems to also be a welcome improvement concerning the loading times. I am still halfway trying to hold out hope for a Dead Space reboot with Visceral back at the helm once more, or even just a Dead Space 4. I'm not holding my breath, though. This might just have to do for satiating my Dead Space longing, and assuaging the painful emptiness that I feel. Lol.

Bobafret539d ago

I feel your pain, I love the DS series. I am kind of hoping Prey fills that scifi horror need but its not quite the same. There is still a lot of story for Dead Space to be told.

morganfell539d ago

Thanks. That's what I was looking for. I can deal with some jaggies as long as the frames are solid. I never understood nor agreed with the DS3 hate. They also did something with coop in that game that I had never encountered and the devs kept quiet about it so that when it happened we weren't just surprised but a friend and I were genuinely mystified.

Marcello539d ago

This channel on YT does BC frame tests, they have done DS2 already check back later today for DS3.

539d ago
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