Tom Happ, Dan Adelman aim to clear that air surrounding the Axiom Verge Switch debacle

As you probably know if you've been following this story, some things have been said recently that made this situation spiral a bit out of control.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2104d ago

From Tom Happ: "We had a collision of several miscommunications here and Nintendo is def not preventing Switch ports. But this isn't an announcement for AV"

Doesn't tell us much, other than Adelman being overly emotional caused a lot of people to jump the gun and demonize Nintendo for supposedly blocking it, when that's apparently not what was happening.
Glad that's over and done with, and I hope AV hits Switch soon.

gangsta_red2104d ago

Good to hear, made no sense really why this game wouldn't come to Switch even when it's on Wii U.

Hopefully we'll get the same amount of relief with comments the same way we saw a lot of concern.

originaljohn2103d ago

Indies and PR don't mix well at the best of times.

2103d ago