Prey's Opening Hour Demo Represents A Shaky Start For the Game

Arkane Studios' latest sneak-a-thon is intriguing, if a bit clunky.

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Donnie812230d ago

I see your point but I also think the game has potential.

ZaWarudo2230d ago

The game is like a mixture of System Shock and Deus Ex, which is awesome, but the movement feels like i'm in a pool of thick syrup.

2230d ago
ironcrow23862230d ago

The next bioshock?? Nah, Tbh prey is the absolute definition of average 😐

_LarZen_2230d ago

I'm surprised they released a demo considering the quality level the game is as far as the demo is concerned.

Jaggies, low res textures and an overall poor visual presentation for a AAA game of this caliber. It doesn't help that the enemy is boring and the music queues are completely off most of the times.

And many are reporting horrible input lag. Something I did not.

Unoriginalplayer2230d ago

I am glad I'm not the only one that noticed the music that was completely off. I would be walking around the main area with no enemies in sight and suddenly the music went into frantic tense mode for no reason. Had to turn it down too since it was super loud for no reason. Really hoping this isn't a representation of the final product.

mwjw6962230d ago

Imput lag only affects the PS4 ver.

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