Xbox 360 controller gets motion-sensitive

Modder Adam Thole investing about two-and-a-half weeks worth of time, he was able to put together a fully-functioning wired 360 controller with a 2-axis accelerometer -- and he makes the hack seem pretty straightforward. There are a lot of details on his site for those looking to emulate this mod, and Adam claims that he may even hack a wireless controller for version two.

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Maddens Raiders5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

is kinda funny. Just give people what they want. (5arcasm) ..while saudering rumble-mod. --jeesh

TheMART5221d ago


Sony pwned ones again.

So tilt & rumble don't go together? Right guys
Plus, this tilt seems to have very direct control, when I watch some Sony games in tilt, there seems to be a delay often in what you do. This guy is going to do a version 2, he might make a six-axis tilt with rumble which is very very funny

achira5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

lol, you have no ps3 you moron! how can you know that there is a delay ? there is no delay, i have played for example motorstorm, it functions very well, there is no delay. stop spreading lies, its obviuos that you make up things. where is your proove that you have a ps3 ?

InMyOpinion5221d ago

You don't have a Ps3 either. Did you forget that you live in Germany and the launch is'nt until march?

achira5221d ago

who says that i cant import one you moron ?
here is the proof, i made a video of my ps3:

MissAubrey5220d ago

you secretly love The Mart dontcha? I mean you took the time to make a video just for him. LOL! dork.

TheMART5220d ago

Hahaha Achira. There are many video's on the net of the PS3 with motion games. There you can see the delays in movement and the reaction on screen.

But well I can ask the same to you. Why do you speak so much about the 360 when you don't own one???

I feel honoured that you made a video just for me. Really. And I must say: you do own a PS3.

Probably, maybe you got an empty case from the Barbie Ken lies factory to put together an own console?!?! haha

Wait what did I see in the video...

You have it connected by COMPOSITE??
Oh yeah I forgot, Sony doesn't deliver Component, HDMI or VGA cable with the 600 dollar overexpensive thing. YOU SAY WHAT? Yep you're right. True HD starts with Composite or not Achira? Playing on a oldfashion PAL CRT?

Damn man that's sad. But thanks for the nice video anyways

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InMyOpinion5221d ago

I hope they don't integrate tilt. It's fun when playing the Wii, but it does'nt suit the games being developed for 360. Also, the Wii controller is designed with tiltfuction in mind. The 360 pad and the Sixaxis ain't (flamebait, I know. But the fact is it was thrown in as compensation for rumble, not designed to have it from start like the Wiimote. At least that's what i feel.).

achira5221d ago

lol, ms is a joke. didnt they say "we dont need it". the same with 1080p.

ASSASSYN 36o5221d ago

But, I care not for tilt function.

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The story is too old to be commented.