Recessive Traits - Is the games industry really exempt from the worldwide economic downturn?

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Watching the world's markets - and some of its leading financial institutions - stumble and trip their way through the past fortnight has been genuine "car crash television" for those with an interest in finance and economics. For the general public, bemused as to the meaning of most of what's going on (admittedly, many financiers seem equally in the dark), it has simply served to deepen the existing gloom over the economy.

Even before major firms started collapsing or being rescued left, right and centre, economic indicators were far from positive. In most developed economies, property prices are falling, food and fuel bills are driving up inflation - and in many nations, output is falling, with the consequent threat of rises in unemployment. Much debate exists over the scale and duration of the difficulties. In the short term, however, a bumpy economic ride is guaranteed, one whose effects will be felt in consumers' wallets as well as on the markets."

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