Call of Duty WW2 looks Brilliant in this Screenshot Comparison with Battlefield 1

Check out some screenshots from Call of Duty WW2 compared with Battlefiled 1 after the break.

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UCForce2103d ago

Call of Duty WW2 and Battlefield 1 are both look beautiful. Now I know Forstbite 3 engine looks more superior than COD engine. But for example like AW, that game used custom house engine and it look way better than BO 3 and IW. This COD WW2 custom house engine is seem been upgraded.

seanpitt232103d ago

The thing is you know this game is going to have a sh#t tonne more content than BF1

_-EDMIX-_2103d ago


COD just lacks the same variety to actually have more content. I are talking about a game with smaller maps, no vehicles etc.

They are DIFFERENT GAMES! The only thing both games have in common is a gun....annnnnd thats it.

oof462103d ago

@EDMIX: I think he meant how CoD has single player, multiplayer and co-op.

boomtube19872103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

@EDMIX As a seasonal COD player. I don't want large scale huge maps and tanks like BF in the warzone were u can run miles and miles without encountering a single player. CoD is all about small tight maps. Where Run and gun gameplay is king. No Bull$*** tanks and armored vehicle in CoD. This will make most of us CoD fans angry. This is NOT Battlefield. You want that type of game. Stick with BF. Keep CoD...Call of Duty. Thats why us COD guys buy it every year. They don't need to change what makes it addicitive and better than any MP shooter alive. They just need to stop doing future with Jetpacks and move to WW2 to Present settings.

UCForce2103d ago

No, I prefer simple and basic. That's why I like about COD game.

samden2103d ago

@boomtube1987, have you played a Battlefield game? You don't run miles without encountering enemies, at worst you run for 30 seconds if you spawn yourself on the opposite end of the map. If you spawn yourself on a point closer to the combat then it's not a problem.

Munnkyman2102d ago

@boomtube it's seems you have never played battlefield one

Mithan2102d ago

Disagree. Different games btw. One is supposed to be a realistic shooter based on large maps with vehicles and more strategy. The other (COD) is more of an arcade shooter focusing more on quick reflexes and tight maps.

I will take BF1 any day of the week as it is more my style, that doesn't mean that COD sucks, it just means I don't like that tight quarter extremely fast paced combat.

No Way2102d ago

@Boomtube - That is not even near the truth. Besides, World at War had tanks..

That worked out just fine.

andibandit2102d ago

Im looking forward to the "Spawn enemy player right behind you" content.

brich2332102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

1 map in Call of duty is like a closet from a battlefield map lol

Mroc132102d ago

I agree with you and I rate BF higher than COD by far. I went back to BF4 after BF1 just became boring. Nothing to unlock. You get battlepacks with skins. Bullcrap

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Tear1112102d ago

The real problem with Forstbit ( I'm not sure if the problem from the engine or from the team) is the engine have a less textures from COD and a lot of game glitches and bogs , even the polygon call if duty have more than BF , these issues are common with every Forstbit engine like Mass effect when they switched to DICE engine we saw the game became horrible and even Medal of honor and Medal of honor airborn was running on Unreal engine 3 and it was great , but when they moved to DICE engine in Medal of honor war fighters we saw the game full of glitches more than the last two games.

Allsystemgamer2102d ago

You don't understand game engines at all.

Kingdomcome2472102d ago

I typically just scroll on by comments such as yours, but yours was particularly uninformed, and incorrect. What gave you those ideas, or did you merely regurgitate the uninformed opinions of someone else?

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Bathyj2103d ago

Geeze, already? Wait till we see some gameplay.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2103d ago

Exactly people building hype with no gameplay. Lets see cods new paint on that ancient quake 3 engine.

UCForce2103d ago

I don't know about that. Sledgehammer Games have better tech and equipment than IW and Treyarch.

starchild2102d ago

You are too caught up in the names of graphics engines. Who cares what they are called? It's about what they can do. And engines evolve all the time. Uncharted 4, for example, was technically made on the same engine as the last gen Uncharted games, but it still featured all kinds of graphics techniques the last gen games lacked. It didn't stop Uncharted 4 from being one of the best looking games around.

Honestly, don't get hung up on the names of graphics engines. That doesn't begin to tell the whole story.

SaviorCeez2103d ago

That reveal trailer was "in-game footage"

Thunder_G0d_Bane2103d ago

In game cutscenes mean nothing to me.

We need Gameplay, someone using a controller not cutscenes.

81BX2103d ago

Ur right bathyj.. but I know bf1 is boring as hell solo. Cod never has been boring. Crappy at times but never boring lol

Bathyj2102d ago

Call of Duty started as amazing campaigns. Waaaay back in the day I did play PC for a little and CoD 1 & 2 were my favourites in the series. Yeah they had MP, but it definitely wasnt the focus. That all started with Modern Warfare, which wrecked the series for me but I get it, it was already stale with CoD 3. I have high hopes for CoD:WWII, I hope it follows a similar line to Band if Brothers and goes all the way from Normandy to The Eagles Nest. Gotta love that view.

81BX2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

For me MW was the game that got me into cod. Before that I loved MOH.

Sunny_D2103d ago

I thought the trailer looked amazing. Maybe they finally upgraded the graphics. The story looks to be very promising and with it being boots to the ground, I might pick this up.

UCForce2103d ago

Well, Sledgehammer Game have better tech than IW and BO 3.

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Father__Merrin2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Ww2 will dwarf bf1 totally, this will be the game to get this year.

Look at the paltry player counts on bf stats users are leaving every day

Akira20202103d ago

As compared to Infinite Warfare's stable player base? LMAO!?

Liqu1d2103d ago

COD WW2 is going up against Battlefront 2 this year. I'm more interested in Battlefront 2 now that EA has dropped the season pass.

Paytaa2103d ago

And it's more like the OG Battlefront games in general.

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Liqu1d2102d ago

Maps and modes will be free to avoid splitting the playerbase. That is how every MP game should be.

oof462103d ago

It's too bad CoD hid the player count, so we could make a fair comparison.

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