Vault Hub: EVE Online Review

Vault Hub writes: "The vastness of space can be hard to comprehend, though space is not empty. It is filled with precious resources used to make vital components for your survival in that cold hard vacuum. Exploration is key to finding riches, fame, and mortal danger, but you are not alone in your endeavors. Pirates roam to find the unwary captain to make a quick and easy buck. Players can fly solo and take on all the risk themselves or join powerful organizations called corporations. Corporations are EVE's answers to guilds, but they don't just have a chat channel and friends list. Corporations are the power houses in EVE, controlling whole regions of space and all the structures and resources found in it. To hold on to their gains, corporations are also the entities that go to war fighting with rival corporations who strive to wrest control of the region. This is the universe of EVE Online."

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