PS4 Exclusive Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Gets New Trailer Showing Gameplay and Features

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age looks shiny in a brand new gameplay trailer.

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2104d ago
FallenAngel19842104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Thank the zodiac gods for autosaving. No longer will I be screwed over by FFXII's uneven difficulty curve and certain areas and lose all my progress and be sent to the title screen if an enemy KOs my entire team.

leahcim2104d ago

It looks really cool, I am thinking on playing it again. I hope the summons have more impact in this version.

godofiron2104d ago

I cannot wait! hopefully the rebalances in the zodiac system will make it feel even fresher, after such a long time. and making the summons more useful would truly be awesome.

Taero2104d ago

They can't be more useless than the summons in FFXV...So far 40 hours in I've used a summon exactly zero times outside of story based summons. It's like they don't exist. So dissapointed based on how they were built up in previews.

Chaosdreams2104d ago

They have a tendency of appearing under certain circumstances. But the two main aspects, that I've noticed are:
1. Region. If for example you're near water, you'll see Leviathan.
2. Your health. Generally the Summons only happen when your party is getting hurt bad.

Time is also a factor (between Summons). Ultimately it's a pain since it depends on circumstances, but I've summoned during the course of my play through of FF15, perhaps 20-30 times.

Pantz2104d ago

Summer will be great!

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