Eurogamer: Battlefield Heroes Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Let's be clear about one thing, because there's only one thing we can be clear about. Battlefield Heroes is outrageously, deliciously, hilariously pretty. DICE's knockabout multiplayer shooter single-handedly destroys the reputation of free-to-play casual PC gaming for low production values. This is one of 2008's best-looking games, hands-down - and what's more, it will run on an old laptop from the office.

With its clean cartoon style, vivid colours, exuberantly simple animations and economical effects, Battlefield Heroes doesn't so much pop off the screen as explode off it - and does so in a shower of pink confetti, accompanied by a marching band composed entirely of kazoos and swanee whistles. Only LittleBigPlanet has more infectious, joyous and downright daft charm, and that game has nothing on Battlefield Heroes when it comes to something that has seldom been explored by deathmatch shooters before - high camp."

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