Call of Duty: WWII - First Look At Gameplay, Hidden Message In Zombie Teaser

MP1st Writes: "A recent Behind The Scene video released, giving us a very small glimpse of actual gameplay for Call of Duty: WW2"

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Nitrowolf22107d ago

Hmm looks like there may be a cover system and a straffing of some sort. I bet thats obviously for single player

spicelicka2106d ago

Doesn't look like a cover system, the player probably just crouched in and out and aimed. Would be an indication of cover system is the gun was held up against the wall which it doesn't. I don't think they would make a big change like that, COD has always been fast.

b163o12106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Is it safe to say we've got our first glimpse of gameplay on Scorpio. I mean isnt sledgehammer a M$ company?

If im wrong im sure you'll let me know lmao...

Nitrowolf22106d ago


Uh how did you come to this conclusion?????
Sledgehammer is an activision company, and Sony also has marketing rights, so if anything itll most likely end up being ps4 gameplay TBH if its console footage

81BX2106d ago

if leaked images are true then I would say no. The pro edition cover for ps4 says play beta 1st on PlayStation, so I would believe this is the 3rd iteration if I'm correct to fulfill the commitment. Not 100% on that

2106d ago
joab7772106d ago

It may be for mp too to make up for the rapid movement lost to from future iterations.

OldGuyStillGaming2107d ago

But those lightning fast reload animations?
Some things never change

Nitrowolf22107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Was hopinh for maybe a slower (just a little bit) pace cod. Guess ill see what they do with killstreaks before i decide.

Even slowing the gameplay down though could be what the series need for a lot of people. It has always been a twitch shooter, super fast pace and insta kill game, but even still.

UCForce2106d ago

COD World at War was twitch shooter and fast pace.

TruM06072106d ago

U must have never played the first few CoD games I stopped buying CoD when it became a twitch shooter.

2106d ago
ClayRules20122107d ago

I'm not the biggest COD fan, but I'm genuinely excited for this one.

That fast reload animation hurts a little bit tho lol.

2106d ago
joab7772107d ago

So the sp will be great. Love the WW2 environment and story. Live the French Resistance.

But I want mp to evolve. Haven't played since BO2 bit I'd love to see some dynamic gameplay. Maybe altering maps, weather, story elements that change.

Nitrowolf22107d ago

This is how i feel. COD to me has always had a very enjoyable story besides Ghost. Yeah they are 4 to 6 hours long, but ive always loved them.

The MP though i just cant get into anymore. I feel it has stayed in the same spot its always been the last decade. Even though they introduce new things, i feel they are to reinforce those same old elements rather than bring a completely new experience.

Id like them to do more environmental wise, maybe some destruction here and there, weather effects like you said.

2106d ago
mafiahajeri2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Add story DLC where the whole point is to navigate the French countryside to find and kill Upham and you've got my money 😁

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